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Pillar 1

Travel Risk Management and Covert Executive Protection with Certified Medical Coverage
PCS differentiates itself from other security services by employing only highly trained, professional, and experienced US Special Operations Tier One Special Mission Unit Veterans, and Intelligence community professionals that are experts in conducting security and protection from a covert and clandestine standpoint.

This includes:

  • Professionally trained surveillance techniques and overwatch

  • Clandestine Reconnaissance

  • Strategically planned observation positions

  • Blending into any environment

  • Social engineering

  • The instinctive ability to anticipate operational needs before they rise to the level that is out of the teams control.

  • Situational Awareness is heightened due to all team members current/past experience around the globe in dynamic environments.

  • Unequaled certified medical support

Security Cameras
The end state is that PCS teams provide seamless security coverage, real-time updates, instantaneous response capability, covert reconnaissance information– all while remaining in the shadows.

At PCS, we follow a comprehensive risk assessment approach to understand and detect risks and define the interrelated effects they might have on every aspect of our clients’, and then present a customized solution that serves the clients’ needs. We do this by employing expertise, capabilities and intelligence to move our outlook from a strategic to a tactical level.


Emergency action planning, protocol development, embedded protection, threat assessments, site surveys, Geopolitical situation, governmental regulations, cultural restrictions, the proper times of traveling to avoid risk exposure, gathering and analysis of intelligence from the ground and from open source, and safest and fastest routes.


Our executive protection teams supported by our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) and intelligence analysts provide you with the best security support anywhere in the world.


Technology is embedded in every step and in every aspect of our operations in order to create a robust risk mitigation framework, reduce the margin of error and continue to improve the accuracy of our results. Through technology we ensure operations run smoothly, by tracking our teams on the ground on 24/7 basis and maintaining a solid communication line. 


In today’s unforgiving climate, global executives, businessmen and women, and high profile individuals must maneuver the elevated corporate and personal travel risks that require advanced security planning and management. No matter whether traveling domestically or internationally we provide protective services to address the risk of traveling in today’s world where nothing is secure.


We understand there is a delicate balance between risk analysis, threat vulnerability and physical security, which is why we provide layered discreet security services to cover everything from pre-travel risk assessment, travel management to on-site executive and close protection.

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