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Security Enhanced Communications

PCS Solutions
& Global Coverage
Universal Access to Global Networks

Outstanding global coverage cost effectively delivered by one provider, which simplifies administration

Advanced Firewall

We block inbound SS7 location requests, or can provide ‘fake’ locations that hinder adversarial anomaly detection algorithms.

A True Partner

PCS works in close partnership with you. You’ll be a key stakeholder, helping drive mutual success.

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Security Features
SS7 Signaling

We can block or 'fake' locations back to whomever is requesting them. So we can either never allow these services to locate the phone, or we can provide it with programmed locations that fit a pattern of life.


We can monitor data connections that emanate over cellular connections (not WiFi). While not foolproof, our firewall or VPN can look for suspicious callouts/IP addresses that are leaking locational information.


Our firewall can look for and stop anomalous connections on cellular (not WiFi) networks. Our knowledge of current hacker capabilities is that an IMSI from one place and a virtual number from another would make the attacker's life more difficult. The attacker would likely be targeting the virtual number but this would not be what registers with the cellular network or with Apple.

Full Customer Control
Single Agreement

PCS utilizes independently negotiated roaming agreements worldwide to provide complete access via a single service agreement.

Network Availability

Multiple available networks in the same area provide connectivity redundancy as well as the ability to choose the most economical or highest performance path.

Private Network Support

Seamless connectivity to customer's private networks.

Device Security & Monitoring
MDM & 24/7 Monitoring

BYOD or corporate devices are remotely secured and managed around the clock.We handle updates and policy compliance too.

Global VPN

Backed by Cloudflare, our 300 datacenter locations increase data privacy without sacrificing speed or reliability. Additionally,content filtering prevents phishing and malware.

Endpoint Security

Advanced behavioral monitoring for suspicious threats and on-device analysis raises the bar for attackers and leads to faster detections and response.

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