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Pillar 2

Managed Security Services: Cyber, Software and Platform Integration
Our team has decades of experience in breaking and securing systems as well as extensive knowledge of attack vectors ranging from hardware exploitation to phishing users.
We are fully equipped and capable of handling anything that presents a cybersecurity risk.

PCS provides cellular communication packages to ensure cyber protection while traveling. This seamless transition will make travel secure with minimal to no interruption from daily cyber/cellular activities.

Proactive Security: Based on comprehensive assessments, we recommend and work to implement appropriate measures to keep your network safe into the future. Secure connectivity with 24/7 monitoring and intrusion detection.

Managed End Point Security: Antivirus is obsolete. Protect your computers and servers 24/7 with our managed detection and response solution powered by Elastic Security. The most powerful technology on the market combined with expert analysts give you peace of mind that your endpoints are secure. With an increase in both the number and sophistication of attacks, it is more important than ever to deploy a comprehensive security solution. The myriad selection of vendors, the complexity of protection capabilities, and an increased operational demand on your security combine for a state that favors a status quo bias. Deploying the right security solution before an attack occurs will help relieve your security concerns. Our solution combines a proven security platform with expert cybersecurity analysts to ensure your most critical components are safe.

Email Security: Stop phishing attacks proactively and comprehensively with our email security solution powered by Area1. We blend seamlessly with Office 365, G Suite, or your own email server to prevent attacks before they reach your company’s inboxes.

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