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Pillar 4

Threat Vulnerability/Risk Assessments, Consultation, Mitigation, and Implementation
PCS provides full spectrum Assessments, Consultation, Mitigation, and Implementation tailored to the client’s individual needs. Focusing on reducing risk through development and implementation of security and crisis response measures. Assessments are comprehensive examinations for the sole purpose of risk mitigation, and ensuring safety/security. PCS can provide risk mitigation for any element of a client’s life or business. Common examples include: Schools, Places of worship, residences, private jets, and yachts.
Image by Eugene Chystiakov

PCS firmly believes that a comprehensive security posture relies on 6 Pillars of Safety & Security: Physical Security; Pre-Emptive Response; Protocols/Procedures; Access Control; On-Site Incident Response and Education/Training. All six pillars act in unison with one another to create a safe and secure environment. A flaw in any one of the pillars can create unforeseen vulnerabilities which significantly degrades the overall security posture implementations.

Assessments will focus on many different areas, including full spectrum exterior and interior layered security assessment, vehicle access, parking, access control (to include site access, exterior access, and interior access), classrooms, meeting rooms, closed circuit TV, lighting, intrusion detection, communications, emergency protocols and preparedness, structure design, and overall security culture.

At the conclusion of the assessment, we deliver a confidential, written report consisting of observations, existing positive security measures, leading practices, and specific recommendations for modifications/improvements. We also assist in finding solutions that balance optimal security measures with overall culture and budgetary allocations.

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