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Situational Awareness Training

Mitigating Risk
The ability to perceive and understand one’s environment, including potential threats, hazards, and opportunities. It involves being aware of what is happening around you, anticipating possible changes or dangers, and making informed decisions based on that information.

Situational awareness is critical in many contexts, including aviation, military operations, emergency response, and everyday life. It can help to mitigate risk, and respond effectively to unexpected risks. PCS excels with regards to situational awareness due to conducting special operations mission sets around the globe for the last 20 years.
What is Situational Awareness
Situational awareness is the concept and practice of being cognizant of specific factors about one’s surroundings and how they relate to the individual’s safety. In its most basic form, situational awareness is knowing what is going on around the individual: people, time of day, vehicles, and the potential threat that those elements pose. More advanced training of situational awareness is designed to enable people to anticipate threats and act accordingly. 
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